The perfect rental in a perfect location.

Located near Eastern Maine Medical Center and the Bangor Mall, Longrale East is a quiet 8 unit complex set off from the main traffic in a private, nicely landscaped village. The property is surrounded with beautiful trees, friendly neighbors and a very attentive management team, on call 24/7. Amenities include laundry facilities, heat and hot water, air conditioning is included in addition to rented garage parking. Located near many shopping and dining options Stillwater Ave,  One Bedroom Apartments are available!




On-site Trash
24 Hour ON-Call Maintenance
Laundry Facility
Designated Parking
Visitor Parking
In-House Snow Removal
Grounds Maintenance
Full Kitchen (Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, etc)
Air Conditioning
Dining Room
Living Room,Great Views
Heat & Hot Water
Located Near Shopping, Bangor Mall and area hospitals
Rented Garage Parking


What our renters have to say:

Very modern.

“Longrale East has a very modern feel to it's well designed apartments to the gorgeous landscaping. I love that I have my own parking spot in a garage, no need to worry about cleaning the snow off in winer months. Very close to some of my favorite restaurants and shopping, I love it here! ”

— J. Anderson

Another 10 years! 

“I have lived at Longrale East for over 10 years and can't express enough, how wonderful it truly is! The on-call maintenance is amazing. They are very prompt to remove show and keep all walkways very clear, free of ice. I fee comfortable also knowing that EMHC is less than a minute down the road just incase of an emergency. It is a perfect location and here's to another 10 years! ”

— M. Yale